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Fine art transport and accrochage

MTEC Italia has always been involved in handling artworks, caring their transport and installation. This experience lead our company developing a wide range of capabilities, performing and succeeding both in national that international level.

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Welcome in MTEC Italia!

MTEC Italia is a young company that brings experience, reliability and professionalism.

Operating on the seat of Venice from October 1st, 2013 and born from the union of an important group of English and Italian professionals, MA- CO Italia has been working from the outset with prestigious realities, dealing in particular transport, packaging and storage of artworks and valuable assets. Not only this, because the company also handles set-up of exhibitions.

MTEC Italia is fully aware of operating in a sector where there are competition and competitiveness.

The challenge is important and must be addressed with quality and professionalism.


From a practical standpoint, MTEC Italia gives priority to make use of specific tools and tricks given the ‘sensitive’ product: air-conditioned vaults, chests built ad hoc, using advanced machinery such as gantry and Pianoplan.

The same choice of collaborators with whom the company has a fixed ratio is directed at young people, to which provides elements of training, given that it remains a priority to work with passion and heart.

The young “age” of MTEC Italia allows current leaders to point to a way to set up a model school for working procedures.

Entrusted to an international team

Safe transport and in experienced hands in every part of the world

MTEC Italia proposes a staff of a dozen people, including managers, sales managers, employees and workers. Enthusiasm, spirit of sacrifice and a great dedication to work are the “mission” of this group with offices in London, Florence, Verona, Trieste, Milan and Venice.


Transports of artworks

This is the core business of MTEC Italia.
Since its foundation, the company has worked with prestigious realities, for example with Cini Foundation and Correr Museum. It was two “returns” of exhibitions.
In the case of a proposal from Cini Foundation on the island of San Giorgio, commitment was important: works on display were very consistent and for operations have been used boats equipped with special cranes and scaffolding and with a “timing” that took into account the specific situations as well as to the lagoon traffic and the dynamics of the tides.
Besides the above mentioned commissions, MTEC Italia counts other patrons of relief: international galleries as Gagosian (offices in New York, London , Beverly Hills, Paris, Rome, Athens, Geneva and Hong Kong) and the Mary Atkins of London and collaborations with the Bank of Italy and the Police Command Legion of Friuli Venezia Giulia.
MTEC ITALIA has been even involved in the event of the Architecture Biennale Venice 2014 with the exhibition ” Genius Loci – The Spirit of Place “, by the Lisson Gallery in London. Talking about this work, very impressive is the work “bycicle” exhibited in the garden of Palazzo Franchetti: 1176 bikes are proudly displayed with a setup extremely “shining”.


Accrochage is another service that MA- CO Italia is able to offer: it is the positioning of the frameworks in the context of the exhibition to which they are intended.
The study of the installation is done through laser technology that measures and thus determines the exact location of the work at the end of the maximum use from the future visitors of the exhibition.

Logistic and storage

We also deal in warehousing, with equipped logistics platforms present in different parts of the territory, in Italy and abroad. We guarantee the reliability of distribution processes, quickly and taking into account the specific requirements of each client.
Among our logistics solutions there are:

  • A vault at a constant temperature and air-conditioned rooms with armored doors;
  • the Pianoplan: a special ” robot” that goes up the stairs keeping the support surface horizontally with respect to the inclination.
  • Gantry Equipment, is a tool that can lift up to 2 tons;
  • ‘crates’ MA- CO: Cases of our design and development designed to be isothermal and to reduce to zero the vibrations coming from the outside thanks to particular layers of packaging.

Removals and transports

MA- CO Italia offers a series of completed solutions for your supply chain, from taking charge to packing /unpacking, from warehousing to customs operations, by the insurance plan to the delivery with the use of external lift for the introduction in the apartments located on the upper floors .
Offering a turnkey service is our winning strategy.

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sld01All services provided by MTEC Italia are customized according to your needs: we perform any work and we respond to every request in order to fully satisfy your needs.

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sld01MA- CO Italia srl offers tailored services suitable for any budget for art transportation services, accrochage, arthandling, logistics and storage.

Based on your needs, we build a package of personalized services and advice, so as to guarantee the best value for money.

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MTEC Italia is in collaboration with Mtec Freight Group, English group specialized in the packaging and transportation of artworks and in large installations.

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MTEC Italia is an Italian company formed by a young and modern staff which brought together experience, reliability and seriousness of the professionals that make it up. Born from the union of an important British group and Italian professionals.

Ma-Co Moving is the corporate division of Ma-Co Italy dedicated to the world of removals and logistics for individuals and companies. Visit our dedicated website to find out all the services that Ma-Co Moving can offer, click here.

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